Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And the Muse sparks again

For far to long
I sat alone
Begging for company,
Company of the heart

Trying to hold my world together
But watching it fall apart

Life was never easy
They've drilled into my head
I wanted to run away to hide
From the monsters under the bed

But being a child
Ended long ago
The time to grow up
Was here!

And though I’ve never felt that strong
I learned to show no fear

Why must every test,
Be harder than before
Trying my best to hold on
Though I’m sprawled upon the floor

The fear of love
Can be overwhelming
However the fear of loss
Can consume

Could you live never knowing
Never seeing true love bloom

I never thought to see the world
With my eyes opened anew
Never thought to hear those words
To say that I Love You

I sit here all aglow
Knowing it feels complete
And when the mist rises
And I can see the end

Knowing now why I wasn’t happy
Why I just couldn’t pretend

For pretending only hides the truth
It covers up your eyes
Making you vulnerable
To this world of hurtful lies

You are my silver lining
In this black cloud I call my life
You make me believe I’m stronger
That I shouldn’t give up this fight

And in this dark existence
I finally I found my light.

And yet again Sir you rob me of my sleep! Love You!

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