Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hmmmm First Posts Suck!

I haven't had much of a blog in some time, I've just been so busy with work and school that there is never time to keep these things going. But I've decided that since I'm already on this site at least once a week to make sure I haven't missed any ramblings the least I could do was stop to post as well. Yesterday I was inspired to write again in nearly a year, and I wanted to post it somewhere.

A road surely less traveled.

I started out this trip
Not knowing where I’d end
Not seeing that I was alone
Or needed a new friend

Walking blind down the road
I’ve seen this all before
Trying to find the missing key
To open up this door

The dark skies were clouded
Another night within my day
If one small sound could change a mind
I know I’d be okay

Not knowing what I need
Or even what I seek
Yet here you sit alone with me
I’ve known you not a week

I share so much with you
Though why I cannot say
You are so close I feel your touch
Yet oh so far away

So what am I feeling
It’s way to soon to call
I partly want to run and hide
But I want to have this fall


I know it's not very good. But it's what I kept dwelling on so there it is.

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