Saturday, June 19, 2010

My muse has spoken.....

Remember being young
And everything black and white
It made life really simple
It was wrong or it was right

Never had to worry
About the choices that were made
Life was full of joy and laughter
Merely a game to be played

Now suddenly things are different
As the colors begin to run
I find myself still wishing
For happiness and sun

Growing up your soon to learn
That you've mostly lived a lie
Life was never truly simple
And now it's do or die

The choices that you make today
Will change the world you see
So be careful what you wish for
Or you could turn out like me.

We all start out with dreams
And then we're made to choose
I beg you think it through
Or it's yourself you're about to lose.

Because once the water rises
And the truth is finally clear
With only one thing left to chose
Where do you go from here..

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